Become a CASA

A CASA – Court Appointed Special Advocate - is appointed once a child has been removed from their home and placed in DFCS custody. Parents are given a case plan to work toward reunification.

As a CASA Volunteer

You will see the child regularly – a minimum of physically seeing the child once each month.

Will not transport the child or family.

Will meet with all the parties involved in the case, including the parents or relatives whom the child has been removed from

Make a written report to the court at every time the case is reviewed/heard. This report will be used by the court to determine the best placement and services for the child.

A CASA’s Commitment

Criminal Background checks – both local and GBI/FBI

30 hours of training, plus 10 hours of court observation

12 month commitment to case – once actually appointed

Attend all court hearings

Average time spent – 10 to 15 hours monthly (may be more when case begins and less as case progresses)

12 hours of in-service training per year

Supervision by CASA staff

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